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  • master-photoshop

    Basic Photoshop Skills You Should Master

    The photographic camera has brought the globe by storm and thousands of people have gigabytes of images stored on the computers. Just like using normal photographic film, not every photo are perfect however the disposable nature of photography means that it no longer matters when the shot is blurry or taken incorrectly. With tools like […]

  • website-animation

    Design Considerations For Animated Web Sites

    Bandwidth, which is the transfer rate of internet data for the user’s browser, has hindered the creation of websites with multiple media effects and enhancements. Many techniques and option is available to help to keep website graphics and animation download time for it to a nominal amount and can include the usage of tables, colour […]

  • web-design-plan

    Planning A Web Site Design

    The Denver website design company I work for, Fusionbox, almost always has clients who call with rush jobs. Sometimes we lose out on jobs because we insist on how the project can’t be done right in a certain timeline. What we have realized is that you could do it quickly, or you can undertake it […]