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  • photoshop-design1-c1

    6 Secrets to Photoshop Mastery

    The excitement that comes from downloading your digital photos can dissipate quickly as you discover the shots you took were not so great after all. But then, that’s what Photoshop is for. But if you haven’t mastered this powerful digital image editing software yet, you’re in for a bumpy, if not totally frustrating ride ahead. […]

  • reflection

    Professional Text Reflection Effect – Photoshop

      Create a quality, professional text header for your website with this technique. STEP 1 Get your background and create a new text layer on top of it.   STEP 2 Duplicate this text layer (Layer >> Duplicate Layer) Flip the new text layer vertically (Edit >> Transform >> Flip Vertically) Place it right under the […]

  • spiral-effect

    Expanding Your Knowledge In Web Design With Photoshop.

    Whether for personal or business reasons, many people have a website these days. But, the most common problem they face is coming up with an eye-catching design for their website. With some helpful advice, like what you are about to read, a site can look better than ever imagined. To help beginning web designers create […]